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As the Montaño Companies grow their investment branches, apartments and long-term investments have become a cornerstone to their business. Group investing is becoming more and more focused and providing investors and solid and predictable return. Elevate SD Properties was born out of the need to provide excellent service to our tenants and knowing that these rental properties are being exceptionally manged. Elevate is co-owned by Irina Polyak. She leads the efforts to provide excellent management of local investment properties and beyond. Irina's experience, service and skill is second to none. Her attention to detail and tenacity to  provide the best service to the tenant and the best communication and effective management of each property is simply the foundation to maintaining a great investment and making sure investment properties and their profits are always at their peak performance. Elevate SD manages all types of residential rentals in San Diego County, contact her today to ensure your investments are at their peak performance. 

The Montaño Family has always pursued service and giving, most importantly in the lives of children. Richard had a childhood different than most, but similar to far too many. Being homeless at the young age of 9 years old and was forced into the foster care system before being adopted by his Great Aunt and Uncle, has instilled a great desire for change in Richard. Richard has partnered with Mindy Fletcher to create this documentary film, which is set to debut in Fall of 2014. Voiceless will examine the failures and successes within the foster care system and the long-term effects these failures have on the children of the United States.The intention of this film is to create a connection with every American and show that this is a systemic issue that effects all of us. It is the Montaño family's goal for people to become educated on the welfare of our children, and how their successes or failures, effect us as a nation. The children ARE our future and in turn, they ARE our responsibility.

When the Montaño's realized the great desire of their clients' to fulfill the need of passive income, and often times, the lack of funds to "do it yourself". LIV Capital Group Inc, was born. Much likes it's name, LIV represents the freedom gained as we pursue real estate as an avenue to accomplish our goal of more time via Financial  Freedom. LIV stands for Longevity | Integrity | Vision, and these attributes are what the Montaño's pursue in every real estate investment opportunity that they present to their like-minded clients. LIV Capital Group was created to help the average person find a source where s/he can gather their funds with other like-minded individuals, and do what none of them could do alone...invest in lucrative real estate opportunities. Many people have savings, but just not enough to achieve their goal. Many times you have to start with the seed and grow it into the tree that will sustain you. LIV Capital has been that avenue of opportunity for many investors large and small.   

Timeline of the Montaño Companies

Over the last decade, Richard and Marissa Montaño have been striving to build a legacy for themselves and their family. A legacy that will empower people to achieve their goals and invest in the children of our community.  When Richard and his wife, Marissa, first met  they envisioned a lifestyle that would allow them to be with each other and their family. Based on their personal desire to create passive wealth through San Diego real estate investments, they knew that they would have to work hard to fulfill their goals, and this passive wealth would afford them the greatest commodity, "time". Time for each other, time for their children and time to successfully accomplish their vision. When reflecting on your life, to see where you could have improved, many people wish they had invested more time in their relationships, and that is what Richard and Marissa set out to help people achieve. A life of service is a life with purpose. 




Inspired by the Montaño's passion for real estate, Richard and Marissa co-founded their real estate investment company, Fit Properties, in 2007, with its purpose to enable others to create more time for their families by generating passive income. Fit Properties would be the foundation on which the Montaño Legacy would begin. As their company grew, so did their vision. In sharing their passion of creating passive income to allow themselves the freedom to spend time with the one's they love, they found that many of their clients wanted the same. In just 2 years, LIV Capital Group was created to fulfill this need.